Jan 26

Last day!

  • conference re: marks



Feb 24

Plan for the day:

  • final exam part 2 – multiple choice

Jan 20

Plan for the day:

  • Questions?!!!
  • last day of review ….
  • written portion of final exam on Monday – bring calculator
  • bring math textbooks in Monday
  • plan for next Thursday?  Class celebration?

Study …… surprising suggestion eh? 🙂



Jan 18

Plan for the day:

  • students who have missed writing a test …. you’ll be doing that during today’s class.  I want to make sure that I have time to mark and give you feedback on the test prior to the final.
  • final exam discussion – how much its worth, how it can improve your mark, brainstorm what to expect for part 1 (written) and part 2 (multiple choice)


  • student self reflection on project done?
  • work on flashbacks (all posted in the tab above)
  • review
    • IXL (be sure foundations 11 is selected)
    • cumulative review 2017
    • choose 1 question that you did incorrectly and make a post explaining what you did wrong and how to do it properly.  Video, picture and/or latex coding

Jan 13

Plan for the day:

  • Stats presentations
  • everyone needs to have their presentation posted on their blog by the start of this class – Ms. Burton will be checking prior to the start of the presentations.

    Complete:  study for the final exam …. a week away!

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