writing trig equations

sin60^circ= frac{x}{2}


tan A= frac{5}{9}


frac{sin20^circ}{90} = frac{sin B}{45}


a^2=b^2+c^2-2bccos A


a=sqrt{b^2+c^2-2bccos A}


angle A= 57^circ




Inequality and lateX coding

x+2y leq 12     using leq


x - 3y leqslant -5    using leqslant


frac{1}{2}x + 10 < 6y    using the less than symbol on keyboard


x+y geq 2      using geq


x+y geqslant 2     using geqslant

Intro to LateX coding



being clear about what is the exponent:    5^{23}                   5^23


Size 1 :   5^2


Size 2:  5^2


Size 3:  5^2


Size 4:  5^2


Change color:  5^2                Colors can be selected from here


Highlight:   5^2


Operations:  5^2+6^3       5^2-5^3        5^2 cdot5^2       5^2 div5^3      (5^2)^3


June 1st

Plan for the day:

  • review of equation types and finding equations of lines
  • horizontal and vertical lines

By the end of class you will be able to:

  • graph a line quickly based on the form that the equation comes in
  • convert between different forms of the equation using algebra

Complete: lesson  5 and 6

Due:  Letter graph blog post

Math 9 Midterm Review

Here are some online sites to help with your exam preparations:

IXL  – choose the section that you need help with (there is a daily time limit without a paid subscription)

Thatquiz – exponents , algebra (choose simplify), geometry (choose surface area of cylinders and prisms), Arithmetic (fractions)

Quizlet:  the ones listed are created by Ms. Burton, you can search quizlet for more practice (or create you own!)


Stop Motion Animation – making math visual

Using the iPhone/ipad app iMotion the following was created:

Once yours is completed you’ll need to upload to OneDrive, your youtube channel or google drive and then copy the embed code from there to insert into your post.

Please tag your work as :  CheeMath10FOIL


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