Area of a circle


Math 9 Midterm Review

Here are some online sites to help with your exam preparations:

IXL  – choose the section that you need help with (there is a daily time limit without a paid subscription)

Thatquiz – exponents , algebra (choose simplify), geometry (choose surface area of cylinders and prisms), Arithmetic (fractions)

Quizlet:  the ones listed are created by Ms. Burton, you can search quizlet for more practice (or create you own!)


How big is my digital footprint?

Today was the class into to edublogs and digital footprint with Mr. Gee.  He shared some great videos on posting and really made me think … just how big is my digital footprint?  Reflecting on how many places I’ve signed up, personal comments I’ve left, photos I’ve shared …. it must be huge!  Between both my personal and professional side there is probably way more information out there than I’d want.  Makes one think very carefully about how to manage that info.

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